Aljo Pingol

         University of Santo Tomas trained artist Aljo Pingol's works can be regarded as within the tradition and influence of modernist master Marc Chagall. The floating characters, the high sense of color and drama, the picturesque composition capturing folk images and the dynamic movement of the subjects are distinctly present in Pingol's oeuvre. Pingol's compositional technique consists of a high regard for flair and narrative. Pingol's devotion to narrative is best seen in his depiction of eyes: large and highly-expressive, they convey the ultimate meaning of the painting within the larger context of secondary actions. The resulting body of works is a compelling collection of brilliant narratives contained within this particular series of works.

         But whereas Chagall's concerns are about rural Belarus, cows, fiddlers and weddings, Pingol's are for more uptempo concerns such as hot-air balloons, strawberry fields, and the vast rural setting of his native Philippines.The unique Pingol charm is captured in his paintings of lolos and lolas that have carried on their romantic tradition, the togetherness and unity that is the family, the depth of love in couples that are soulmates.

         Alexander Jorge "Aljo" Pingol was initially into advertising and animation, his work in illustration and his employment at Toonworks animation house serving inspiring his later works of fine art. In 1989, Pingol placed second in the Nuclear-Free Philippines spot poster competition. He placed 1st in the Far East Broadcasting Company's National Christmas Card painting competition. He was a founding member of the Guevarra Group of Artists in San Juan, painting with artists Dominic Rubio, Edwin Tres Reyes, Jerry Morada and Vincent de Pio.

         Stylistically leaning towards what can be considered as folk-figurative, Pingol's works are essentially works of portraiture, genre, and humor. Pingol shows his mastery of color, adherence to compositional theory (the rule of thirds), and conceptual gait.

         In his recent works from his major solo exhibit late last year, evident is a deepening level of complexity similar to the trajectory of Gauguin.

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